Savience is pushing the boundaries of digital technology to change the face of health care. Building Brilliance.

Savience won its first major contract in Canada in December 2015, a year after identifying the country as offering a significant opportunity for its digital technologies.

Like the NHS, the health service in Canada is held in high regard. And there are also parallels in the way health care is delivered. But Canada’s health service also offers a R&D friendly environment and accepting of new ideas and products.

It is a hotbed of innovation, with hospitals generally keen to test new concepts, embrace mobile technology, and share data to improve health outcomes. Many of the innovations developed in Canada will have huge value in the NHS.

Path to success

Having the right partners is key and in Savience’s case has been invaluable . Its first introduction to Canada was via Toronto-based MDI Solutions, which provided guidance on Meditech integration and the vagaries of the procurement process.

Savience has also worked with Tectonic, which has helped on strategy and opening doors.

Savience Canada Limited

To complete the picture, Savience Canada was incorporated in July 2017.

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